Managing Fibromyalgia
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With up to 12 million Americans suffering from the debilitating pain, exhaustion and numerous other symptoms of Fibromyalgia, I decided it was time to share my thirteen years of research, first-hand experience and the collective knowledge of many other Fibromyalgia suffers and spread these helpful insights, tips, tricks and encouraging words to others in the same boat.

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Fibromyalgia will change your life.
But you can choose what direction
that change will take.


The Natural Approach

Favoring the natural approach, I began researching the alternative and complementary options from such schools as The University of Michigan Pain and Fatigue Research  Center, The University of Maryland Medical School, The Mayo Clinic, The National Institute of Health and more.  I pooled my research, my own trial and error techniques, and a few more tips and tricks from other Fibromyalgia sufferers and put it all together in my first book, Managing Fibromyalgia. Then, I amplified that information from newly found sites, books and other sufferers, and put all that in my new book, Fibromyalgia Basics: A Beginner's Guide. It is now available from TatePublishing, or from me, right here, where you can get a personalized signed copy for yourself or a friend. 
Everyone's Fibromyalgia is different, and no one treatment is going to work for everyone.  But there is a huge plethora of options out there that really and truly do help.  It became one of my missions in life to share these possibilities with all Fibromyalgia sufferers.
Your family doctor is the first and best option.  But many physicians are still unfamiliar with this condition, so it must become your job to seek out the right physician ... for YOU. Maybe you need a different doctor for your Fibromyalgia symptoms...a specialist, as it were. 

Medical Physicians, Osteopaths, Naturopaths, and Homeopathic Physicians are learning that an intergrative approach works best for this condition.  This is a blended complementary approach which combines the best of Western (or alopathic) Medicine with the age-old traditional methods of healing.

Complementary & Alternative Therapies

Some of the Traditional methods found in the alternative and complementary sites from the above listed medical schools and institutions include acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic manipulation, deep breathing exercises, EFT, gluten-free living, Healing Touch Therapy, herbs, supplements, reflexology, Reiki and much, much more...literally hundreds of options are out there for you.

From this listing which is available in my book, with descriptions of each, you can choose which one works best for you.  Or you may find that a combination of several of these therapies work best.  And then there are conditions, foods, things and even actions listed that may aggravate your symptoms. You may find some of your aggravators listed here.

You can regain the quality of life that your deserve!

Learn what you can do for YOU!

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In 2011 Elisabeth Oas, The Pelvic Messenger, was named The National Patient Advocate for the International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS).


Pain is the defining factor of Fibromyalgia.

"Pain everywhere...all the time," is how it's described by those that have it.  But utter exhaustion, weakness, depression, lack of focus, confusion, numb and tingling hands and feet, headaches, hip pain and back pain, and countless other symptoms show up as well. In fact,  up to

 100 possible and potential symptoms

have been listed on one page in Facebook!  There is such a huge collection of symptoms that it seems almost absurd that they should all appear in one person!

Aggravating Factors:

There are factors which aggravate Fibromyalgia symptoms and these are the key points that we can address when it comes to helping ourselves heal the pain. If you can learn how to address these aggravators, you can help heal the pain! In both of my books I describe many of these aggravating factors and how you can help to alleviate them. What are some of these factors?  

  • Lack of restorative sleep
  • Lace of exercise
  • Too much exercise
  • Stress
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Certain foods

In fact, cutting back or deleting certain foods can be crucial to helping the pain of Fibromyalgia. Often it can make a world of difference.

And adding foods that can help pain can be a godsend! Diet may be one of the most important factors in helping Fibromyalgia symptoms! 

Learn what you can do for YOU!